ASPLS Standards of Practice Manual - 2013


The 2013 ASPLS Standards of Practice Manual is the latest in a series of manuals published by ASPLS to provide a quick reference for professional land surveyors needing information regarding relevant statutes, regulations, specifications and guidelines. The 2013 edition is only available online and its parts are being uploaded as they become available. Updated items are noted with the bold green links. All other links are inactive until updated

Chapter 1 - ASPLS

Chapter 2 - Standards

  • Introduction ...Table of Contents & Introduction

  • National Society of Professional Surveyors - Model Standards of Practice

  • NSPS Standards ...Sections A through H

  • Other Standards

  • 2011 ALTA ...Minimum Standard Detail Requirements for ALTA/ACSM Surveys - Effective 2.23.11

  • ASPLS Mortgage Location Survey Standards ... Minimum requirements for mortgage location surveys commonly known as an "As-Built Survey" in the State of Alaska... 11/10/05

Chapter 3 - Guidelines

Chapter 4 - Information

  • Information ...Platting Authorities, Recording Districts, Important Contacts

Chapter 5 - Statutes & Administrative Code

  • Statutes ...Surveying Related Statutes & Administrative Code. Note: this file was prepared from the most recently available (2012) InfoBase downloaded from the legislative website.

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