ASPLS Standards of Practice Manual - 1994


The 1994 ASPLS Standards of Practice Manual is the latest in a series of manuals published by ASPLS to provide a quick reference for professional land surveyors needing information regarding relevant statutes, regulations, specifications and guidelines. The 1994 edition currently has about 250 copies in distribution. The purpose of this webpage is to facilitate distribution of this important information and to provide updates when they become available. The linked documents consist of the 1994 Manual in its entirety except for the following updates: 1992 NCEES Specifications updated to 1993; 1992 ALTA Specifications updated to 1997; 1988 FGCC GPS Specifications replaced with 1995 California Geodetic Control Committee Specifications; 1993 Statutes replaced with 1998 Statutes extracted from Legislative Website - annotations deleted; DNR Navigability Policy added in 1998 update mailing.

Chapter 1 - ASPLS

Chapter 2 - Standards

  • Introduction ...Table of Contents & Introduction

  • 1993 NCEES ...Model Minimum Standards for the Practice of Land Surveying

  • 1997 ALTA ...Minimum Standard Detail Requirements for ALTA/ACSM Surveys

  • 1999 ALTA ...Minimum Standard Detail Requirements for ALTA/ACSM Surveys

  • 1999 Accuracy Standards for ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys  

  • !!!!! 2011 ALTA ...Minimum Standard Detail Requirements for ALTA/ACSM Surveys - Effective 2.23.11

  • ASCE_Draft ...1993 Draft ASCE Model Standards for Land Surveying

  • FGCC ... Standards and Specifications for Geodetic Control Networks - 1984

  • GPS Specs ... Specifications for Geodetic Control Networks Using High-Production GPS Surveying Techniques - 1995 by the California Geodetic Control Committee [Note: These specifications build on the outdated FGCS document "Geometric Geodetic Accuracy Standards and Specifications for Using GPS Relative Positioning Techniques", version 5.0, May 1988, reprinted with corrections August 1, 1989. This document was widely distributed and used and was included in the 1994 ASPLS Standards of Practice Manual; however, it was never formally adopted by the Federal Geodetic Control Subcommittee. The California Specifications update certain portions of the 1989 FGCS standards which are out of date due to GPS equipment and methodology advances.]

  • ASPLS Mortgage Location Survey Standards ... Minimum requirements for mortgage location surveys commonly known as an "As-Built Survey" in the State of Alaska... 11/10/05

Chapter 3 - Guidelines

  • Introduction ....Table of Contents, Introduction and miscellaneous topics

  • Baseline Data ...NGS data for calibration baselines in Alaska as of 8/15/01

  • Highways ....Highway Rights of Way in Alaska -  John F. Bennett, PLS, SR/WA

  • Public Prescriptive Rights .... across Private Lands - Daniel W. Beardsley, Esq., SR/WA

  • Cooley ....The Judicial Function of Surveyors - Justice Thomas M. Cooley

  • Madson ....Madson's Compilation of Rules for Land Surveyors

  • Implementation Guidelines ... for AS 34.65 (Records of Survey & Monument Records)

  • ANCSA ....Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act -  Karen F. Tilton, PLS, SR/WA

Chapter 4 - Information

  • Information ...Platting Authorities, Recording Districts, Important Contacts

Chapter 5 - Statutes & Administrative Code

  • Statutes ...Surveying Related Statutes & Administrative Code updated to 1998 version (2,084kb) Note: this file was prepared from information downloaded from the legislative website.  It is the complete indexed format now included with the hardcopy ASPLS Manual.  The annotated statutes provided in previous manuals are no longer available.

1998 Manual Update - New Items

  • Navigability ...Dept. of Natural Resources Navigability Policy - 1998 Manual update

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