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On Site Articles, Papers, Etc.


Title/Site Control FAQ ...presented by John Kerr, PLS
Safety in Field Operations for Alaska Land Surveyors ...presented by Sam Bunge, PLS
ASPLS Surveying Brochure ...Informational flyer regarding the surveying profession
Surveyors in Ice! ...Photos of ice sculptures featuring a survey crew
Records of Survey: Interpreting the Intent ...presented by John F. Bennett, PLS

Alaska Department of Natural Resources

Recorder's Office ...History & Organization of the Alaska Recorder's Office
Alaska Tidelands Surveys ....2079 kb
... Gerald Jennings, PLS & Joe Kemmerer, PLS - 2002 ASMC Conference
DNR's Easement Vacation Decision Process
... Gerald Jennings, PLS - Joe Kemmerer, PLS & Brian Raynes - 2002 ASMC Conference
Subdivision in the Unorganized Borough ....1755 kb
... Gerald Jennings, PLS - Bill Brown, PLS, & George Horton, PLS - 2002 ASMC Conference

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Department of Defense Manuals

Corps of Engineers Surveying Manuals

EM 1110-1-1000 ...Photogrammetric Mapping
EM 1110-1-1002 ...Survey Markers and Monumentation (PDF)
EM 1110-1-1003 ...NAVSTAR Global Positioning System (PDF)
EM 1110-1-1004 ...Geodetic & Control Surveying (PDF)
EM 1110-1-1005 ...Topographic Surveying (PDF)
EM 1110-2-1003 ...Hydrographic Surveying (PDF)
EM 1110-1-2909 ...Geospatial Data and Standards (PDF)
ETL 1110-1-183 ...Using Differential GPS Positioning for Elevation Determination
ETL 1110-1-184 ...Use of the USCG Differential GPS and the CORS System.

Army Field Manuals

FM 3-34.331 ...Topographic Surveying (pdf 3.4mb)
FM 5-233 ...Construction Surveying (pdf 7.8mb)

Air Force Manuals

Geodesy for the Layman ...Air Force primer on Geodesy

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State Department of Transportation Manuals

CalTrans Surveying & Photogrammetry Manuals

Construction Surveys ....Surveying Manual Section 12 -  September 2006(PDF)
CalTrans Survey Manual ....Policy & Procedure for CalTrans Surveys (html index to PDF files)
LS/LSIT Exam Workbook ....CalTrans LS/LSIT Video Exam Preparation Workbook
Photogrammetric Services .... CalTrans Guide to Photogrammetric Services (976k)(PDF)

DOT Surveying Manuals

WSDOT ....Washington Highway Surveying Manual 1/05(PDF)
MDOT ...Michigan Design Survey Manual
SDOT ...South Dakota Survey Manual
MDOT ...Montana Survey Manual

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Federal Agency Resources

US Fish & Wildlife Service Cadastral Surveys & Maps

343 FW 1 ....Survey Policies and Responsibilities (html) 11/95
343 FW 2 ....Standards and Procedures (html) 11/95
343 FW 3 ....Maps (html) 11/95

FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency

FEMA Flood Mapping ...for Surveyors
FEMA Elevation Certificate ...and instructions
Floodplain Management Bulletin ...Elevation Certificate May 2004

US Bureau of Land Management

Manual of '73 ...Electronic text of the BLM Manual of '73 - California BLM Cadastral (html)
Manual of Surveying Instructions 2009 ...BLM Website
CFEDS ...Certified Federal Surveyors program
U.S. Mineral Surveyor Program ....BLM Nevada website
Manual of '73 ....BLM PDF version
BLM Casebook ...selected excerpts from the 1975 Surveying Casebook
Mineral Survey Procedures Guide ...A .pdf version of the 1980 guide for Mineral Surveys
Restoration of Lost or Obliterated Corners ...A .pdf version of the 1974 BLM phamplet
Cadastral Tools ...BLM California Cadastral References
GLO/BLM Patents ...The Official Federal Land Patent Records Site
ANCSA 17(b) Easements ...Alaska BLM Office

Other Federal Agencies

USGS Resources ...USGS Information Products about Mapping
Shore and Sea Boundaries ...Shalowitz & Reed - USC&GS/NOAA
Survey Engineering & Mapping Center of Expertise ...Corps of Engineers
Compute Magnetic Declination ...NOAA
FGDC Standards ...Federal Geodetic Standards Committee

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Standards & Specifications

Standards for the Positional Accuracy of Cadastral Surveys When Using Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) 2.23.09 ...BLM
Standards & Practices for Control Surveys ...ICSM - Australia
Guidelines & Specifications for GPS Surveys (pdf) v2.1 ...Canadian Geodetic Survey 
GPS Positioning Guide - July 1995 (pdf - 1.16mb) ....Canadian Geodetic Survey
TxDOT GPS Users Manual ....Texas Department of Transportation
NGS Publications ...Including GPS, Aeronautical Surveys &

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Miscellaneous Resources

Hypertext Mapping Overviews by Peter H. Dana

Global Positioning System Overview
Coordinate Systems Overview
Geodetic Datum Overview
Map Projection Overview

The Nature of Measurement - Dr. Ben Buckner, LS, PE

Part 1 - The Inexactness of Measurement - March 1997, Vol 17, No. 2
Part 2 - Mistakes and Errors - April 1997, Vol 17, No. 3
Part 3 - Dealing with Errors - May/June 1997, Vol 17, No. 4
Part 4 - Precision and Accuracy - July/August 1997, Vol 17, No. 5
Part 5 - Property Corners and Measurement - September 1997, Vol 17, No. 6
Part 6 - Level of Certainty - Nov/Dec 1997, Vol 17, No. 8
Part 7 - Significant Figures in Measurement - March 1998, Vol 18, No. 2
Part 8 - Statistical Analysis of Random Errors - April 1998, Vol 18, No.3
Part 9 - Random Error Propagation - May/June 98, Vol 18, No. 4
Part 10 - Achieving Accuracy in Distances - September 1998, Vol 18, No.6
Part 11 - Suggested Measurement Standards for Property Surveys - Oct 1998, Vol 18, No. 7
Part 12 - Universal Truths Found in Measurement Science - Nov/Dec 1998, Vol 18, No. 8


Online Tutorial in Geodesy ...Petr Vanicek, University of New Brunswick
GIS For the Curious ...A Hands On Guide to Geographic Information Systems

Miscellaneous Articles

Cadastral Archives ...Miscellaneous papers from the Archives of
LSRP Article Archives ...Surveying articles from the Land Surveyor's Reference Page
Professional Surveyor ...Article archives of Professional Surveyor Magazine

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Land Titles & Real Property Law

Land Records Reference...Direct Line Software

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