Alaska Surveying & Mapping Conference Downloads

ASMC 2017: GEOJAM Sessions
"Legacy maps - Intent, accuracy, precision, and suitability to purpose. cautions for surveyors, GIS professionals (and lawyers)." Tom Heinrichs, John Bennett, Dan Ignatov

Map No. 92337 - Section 4407 Easements - Bennett
Accuracy and Suitability of Map 92337 - Heinrichs
GEOJAM Power Point Presentation - Map 92337

ASMC 2017: BLM's Direct Point Positioning Survey System (DPPS)
Gerald Jennings, PLS, CFedS, DNR Survey Section Chief

Cutting Corners
Cutting Corners - Power Point Slides

ASMC 2016: ROW Mapping Case Studies
"Key to the Highway - Unlocking the Mysteries of Right of Way Research"

Sterling Highway - Anchor River Road Intersection - Ryan L. Quigley, PLS
Parks Highway - Pittman to Big Lake - Lot 3 Triangle Subdivision - Rachel N. Shoemake, PLS
Central Region ROW Research Resources - Eric P. Fuglestad, PLS
ROW Research Resources Guide - Eric P. Fuglestad, PLS
Seward Highway at Moose Pass - Lot B, USS 2520 - Eric P. Fuglestad, PLS
Alaska Highway ROW Research Glossary
Mining, Access & Highways - John F. Bennett, PLS, SR/WA
IBLA 84-148 Herbert I. Stewart
Jensen Road: Wasilla - John F. Bennett, PLS, SR/WA
Jensen Road Report
Sterling Highway MP 58-79 - Karen F. Tilton, PLS, SR/WA, CFedS
Course Abstract & Bios

ASMC 2015: ROW Mapping Case Studies
"The Older I Get, the Less I Know..."

Highway ROW & Allotments
Case Studies 2015 - jfb
Powerpoint Slides - John F. Bennett, PLS, SR/WA
Powerpoint Slides - Karen Tilton, PLS, CFeds